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Refinishing your floor

 The first step in deciding what to have done with your floor is to determine whether the existing floor is worth saving.  In seven years I only remember two floors which were not salvageable so most floors will be able to be saved.  Be careful when assuming a floor cannot be saved, it may be a good idea to have me look at it before you cover it up or tear it out.  Screw holes can be filled, missing boards can be patched and many other deformities leave a beautiful patina when the job is done. 

Donít wait to long!  If a floor is becoming gray or black in color itís likely all the finish has been worn through.  Most woods will not last long once the finish is removed.  In order to preserve the beauty of your investment these floors should be refinished before they are lost.

My goal is to make a refinishing job as easy on the customer as possible.  I hang plastic where necessary and use powerful vacuums to remove nearly all the dust created.  Most refinish jobs take less than a week to complete.   Feel free to call me with any questions.  Here are some photos that show what a difference a refinish can make.

Affordable Luxury

I serve all of western Montana northern Idaho and Spokane.

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