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New Flooring or Refinishing

Hardwood floors have been used for at least 800 years and some in Europe have lasted 800 years!!!  Wood floors are incredibly durable in that they can be refinished and made to look like new several times.  Wear and
tear in other floor options is very unsightly but on a hardwood floor it simply becomes part of the patina and appeal. 
A hardwood floor can add a lot of strength to a weak subfloor and even adds insulation value.

Individuality:  There are endless options with a wood floor.  There are many different species of wood and each have their own identity and strengths.  Wood can be installed in a variety of patterns.  Wood can be stained a variety of colors.  Your floor will
be one of a kind.

Environment: Wood flooring is the most environmentally responsible flooring option.  As people have become increasingly concerned about the worlds environment, the marketing of “green products”  has gone out of control.  Take time to understand the facts before choosing a floor.  Wood is a 100% renewable, carbon-neutral resource.  Most hardwoods are ready to be harvested every 50 years.  A wood floor will last much longer than that if properly cared for.


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